Keeps your car and gear dry

Kit - Dry

The kit-dry bag and absorption system fills a gap in the outdoor market. Kit Dry is designed specifically to make the journey home from winter sports clean and dry, and can be used for various uses. 

My Role

I acted as the sole product designer; conducting research, creating concepts, branding and the execution of the product.


  • Kit-Dry was nominated as a finalist for the 2018 DINZ Best Design Awards.


Product designer 






12 weeks 



The brief 

There are 100,000 outdoor enthusiasts in New Zealand (NZ); 26,000 of which are trail runners. *source: NZ Mountain Safety Council


We wanted to improve the trail running experience and find a gap in the market. After role playing, interviews with consumers and retailers and journey mapping we found that the end of the journey was where the most dissatisfaction occurs and that there weren't many products on the market targeted to address this.

"Trail runners find it hard to keep their cars clean and dry. Gear can also get damaged if it’s stored in wet conditions."

Research and iteration

 and prototyping create concepts based on the existing technologies available on the market

The result 

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I am currently based in Paris but open to opportunities anywhere in Europe

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